NEW VIDEO! ‘Beaster Bunny’ is out now!

It’s here! After an intense few months of production the brand new Eddisode, Beaster Bunny, was released this weekend! This is the first full Eddisode of Eddsworld Beyond and we hope you enjoy it! You can watch it on YouTube and Newgrounds now.

Beaster Bunny follows the aftermath of a mysterious alien meteor crash-landing in town and killing the real Easter Bunny. A new monster is born and set loose on an unsuspecting Easter Weekend celebration… This video stars George Gould and Matt Hargreaves, and it also introduces our new voice of Tom! We’re very happy to welcome Ed Templer to the team (yes, we know it’s going to be confusing). The episode also features guest performances from Vivienne Medrano (aka. Vivziepop), GameGrumps, Brock Baker, Stefan Johnson, and Mandy Celine.

Thank you for watching and for all your wonderful feedback so far! – The Eddsworld Team x

Scrambled Edd (The news feed)

It’s March mEDDness!

Hey Eddheads!! This March the team is running a huge, fan-choice battle royale to decide the all-time favourite Eddsworld video! Voting daily on Twitter, Patreon, Discord, and YouTube, you can choose which videos go through to the next round and which ones get eliminated! Who will win? If you want to get involved make sure…

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NEW VIDEO! Watch ‘The Birds and The Bees’ Now!

Hey Eddheads! We have a new short out just in time for Valentine’s Day! We had a lot of fun working on this. It’s directed by Matt and co-written by Matt and Jamie, who also appears as the voice of the mad scientist. George Gould makes a small appearance too, AND if you watch to…

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