I, Spy

Battle of wits? Or witless?


Tom’s feeling a bit under the weather.


Sometimes you need a hammer to fix a fail.

Leg Break

You could say that Tom’s a bit humerus today.

Noir – part: 5

Can Edd and Matt play their cards right and find the killer?!


Who says Matt isn’t useful sometimes?


Tom taking some time to recharge.

Hot Bath

You just can’t please Tom sometimes!


Reality checks can hit you pretty fast.

Stand Up

Comedy Therapy, it’s a thing, right?


Sometimes you just need a good stretch, am I right?


Machine’s won’t take over comics, will they?


Who doesn’t like some Jello? Am I right?


Don’t you just hate acCOWting issues?


Comic 400! Everybody dance now!!

359 – Bar

It was love at first sight… with the cola!

347 – Mimic

Matt thinks deep about this eye opening experience…

329 – Coffee

Don’t talk to Larry til’ he’s had his morning coffee!

327 – Boundary

We really broke the forth wall with this one! …No seriously-

326 – Work

We’re WORKING on a joke for this comic hold on.

315 – Memory

Unfortunately this new modification is blocking the fans…

306 – Noodle 7

The last one! For now… Panels by Sydney Campbell, Supr Dee, Koopzik, & Billy Crinion…

305 – Noodle 6

It’s almost over, we promise. Panels by Boxfort, Wayne Degen, Shad, and ProtoBean!

304 – Noodle 5

This is too much spaghetti… Guest panels by Pika, Andy Clift, Dylan, & Vincent!

303 – Noodle 4

Noodle GOOO! Guest panels by Dusty, Collin, Summer, & Jayden!

301 – Noodle 2

The noodle continues! Panels by Billy Crinion, Tori, Jon Lopez, & Davey

297 – Karts

Some live life in the fast lane, this just seems dangerous.

291 – Paintball

Blood is actually easier to wash out than paint, so that’s something.

283 – Heads

But what about three heads? Or four? The world needs to know!

281 – Fish

A fish is for dinner, not just for Christmas.

279 – Castle 2

Ok, you caught us. We had two jokes and couldn’t decide, so we made them both.

272 – Demon

With jokes as hot as these… something something.

264 – Popcorn

Once you pop… we’re legally not allowed to finish this joke.

213 – øgsw3Rld

Pleased to announce that in all comics from here onwards have been outsourced to eastern Europe.

184 – Boxing

What’s really weird is that he’d made it to the eighth lesson without incident..

181 – Bill

Be careful what you wish for… (We use that one a lot, huh?)

180 – Half

We’re back! (This is the first Legacy comic.)

174 – Jerk

At least he wasn’t watching hit new sitcom ‘I Hate You, Leave Me Alone’.

163 – Online

I guess Tom should have screened that joke before he said it.

162 – Bad

This is why you never take party food home with you.

160 – Printer

Breaking the news via email would have been too impersonal.

151 – Cold

Keep your phlegms close and your enesneeze closer.

136 – Watch

I swear to god, this happens to me every yesterday.

135 – Meat

Another pun rolling in under the door in an indiana jones fashion!

129 – Penny

Find a penny, Pick it up, Ouch my back, What the f**k?

120 – Rat

A comic filled with Bad puns that were inspired by the death of one our friend’s rats.

114 – Boss

Don’t you just hate that feeling you get when this happens.

113 – BBQ Ribs

Fun fact: The first frame actually happened in reality, the rest was just wishful thinking.

75 – Accident

(Sorry for the typo there, tursn out its actuall spelt arc)

72 – Stranger

Yeah its a fart joke, but this one had me and Matt laughing when we thought of it.

64 – Mirror

What’s he going to do with that? Just use your imagination.

54 – Posters

In a way, isn’t a mirror just a hard, glass poster? Think about it.

52 – Show 2

It’s really your fault for still reading these…

44 – Cinema

Fun fact: I actually don’t like the Baldwins too much.

24 – Drink

Drink up! It’ll put hair on your chest. I mean rocks. It’ll put rocks in your chest.

18 – Mop

Looks like Edd’s hit a wall with his jokes…

4 – Lollipop

I don’t have captions for these early ones la la la la

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