291 – Paintball

Blood is actually easier to wash out than paint, so that’s something.

283 – Heads

But what about three heads? Or four? The world needs to know!

281 – Fish

A fish is for dinner, not just for Christmas.

279 – Castle 2

Ok, you caught us. We had two jokes and couldn’t decide, so we made them both.

272 – Demon

With jokes as hot as these… something something.

264 – Popcorn

Once you pop… we’re legally not allowed to finish this joke.

213 – øgsw3Rld

Pleased to announce that in all comics from here onwards have been outsourced to eastern Europe.

184 – Boxing

What’s really weird is that he’d made it to the eighth lesson without incident..

181 – Bill

Be careful what you wish for… (We use that one a lot, huh?)

180 – Half

We’re back! (This is the first Legacy comic.)

174 – Jerk

At least he wasn’t watching hit new sitcom ‘I Hate You, Leave Me Alone’.

163 – Online

I guess Tom should have screened that joke before he said it.

162 – Bad

This is why you never take party food home with you.

160 – Printer

Breaking the news via email would have been too impersonal.

151 – Cold

Keep your phlegms close and your enesneeze closer.

136 – Watch

I swear to god, this happens to me every yesterday.

135 – Meat

Another pun rolling in under the door in an indiana jones fashion!

129 – Penny

Find a penny, Pick it up, Ouch my back, What the f**k?

120 – Rat

A comic filled with Bad puns that were inspired by the death of one our friend’s rats.

114 – Boss

Don’t you just hate that feeling you get when this happens.

113 – BBQ Ribs

Fun fact: The first frame actually happened in reality, the rest was just wishful thinking.

75 – Accident

(Sorry for the typo there, tursn out its actuall spelt arc)

72 – Stranger

Yeah its a fart joke, but this one had me and Matt laughing when we thought of it.

64 – Mirror

What’s he going to do with that? Just use your imagination.

54 – Posters

In a way, isn’t a mirror just a hard, glass poster? Think about it.

52 – Show 2

It’s really your fault for still reading these…

44 – Cinema

Fun fact: I actually don’t like the Baldwins too much.

24 – Drink

Drink up! It’ll put hair on your chest. I mean rocks. It’ll put rocks in your chest.

18 – Mop

Looks like Edd’s hit a wall with his jokes…

4 – Lollipop

I don’t have captions for these early ones la la la la

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