Who runs this website?

This is the official home of Eddsworld, built and maintained by the Eddsworld team.

How often does Eddsworld release comics?

We don’t have a fixed schedule at the moment, but we hope to release a new comic every 1-2 weeks.

I’ve noticed a comic is missing! What do?

We collected all the comics we could from the archive but alas, some of them are missing or too low-quality. Don’t worry, you’re not missing any really great ones.

What happened to Edd’s old blog posts and other non-comic content?

A lot of things are safe in the archive but over the years some things have inevitably been lost. We’re working on sharing old stuff like that with you in a number of ways. Sometimes on Patreon, Twitter, or Instagram.

I have an idea for a video, comic, or a script. Can I send it to you?

Sorry, Eddsworld does not accept unsolicited scripts or pitches and we do not read any we receive. We always have a lot of scripts and ideas in development internally so this is necessary to avoid any confusion over authorship.

I have a fan project or want to start one! Can I show it to you? Can you tweet about it?

Eddsworld loves fan creations and seeing amazing fanart from our community, but we cannot endorse or give feedback on larger fan projects (like videos or webcomics). If you have a fan project we ask that you do not use the Eddsworld logo or Edd’s Font. (This is to avoid people thinking it’s an official project.) You may not monetise, sell merchandise, or otherwise profit from use of our copyrighted characters, designs, logos, video, or audio. This includes edits, fan dubs, YTPs, and ‘re-animated’ or HD upscaled versions of old videos.

I found a bug! / I have a suggestion for the website! What do?

We love hearing your suggestions, but of course we can’t implement them all! If you want to get in touch you email us: hello {at} eddsworld dot. co dot. uk

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