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Hi there! The Eddsworld website is built using open-source software WordPress, which occassionally makes use of cookies to keep things running smoothly. Cookies are little bits of information your web browser stores on your device when you visit so it can remember stuff for next time. Since you’re not logging in, however, or filling out any personal information, these cookies won’t contain anything like that. We also host adverts from ad partners through Google’s advertising service. Google uses cookies and other tracking techniques to personalise your ads, but we’re not involved in that and we are not given access to any data they collect for the purposes of building an ad profile.

By using this site you acknowledge that it may from time to time make use of cookies and that Google Ads will do what Google Ads does. The website design, functionality, and content are subject to change at any time without prior notice. We may add things, take them away, change them, or create a whole new website if we feel like it and we don’t have to ask anybody’s permission. You accept that from time to time things might break, or that the website may cause errors or issues with your browser or device that are unforseen. If that happens we cannot be held liable for any damage caused, loss of data, or other breach. We promise that if the site is broken in any way we will work to fix it as quickly as possible once we are aware of the problem.

Eddsworld and the Eddsworld Team respect your privacy and advocate for a private and transparent internet. We will only ever collect personal information about you with your consent, for example if you order something from the online store (which has its own policy and terms you should read). We collect a minimal amount of anonymous data for analytical purposes, to see how well the site is doing, number of hits, which pages are popular etc. But otherwise this website doesn’t do anything fancy or secret. We’re not that clever.

Eddsworld and the Eddsworld logo, Edd’s Font (this one we’re using right now), Ellsworld and all Eddsworld/Ellsworld characters are protected by international copyright and remain the property of Eddsworld and the estate of Edd Gould. All videos, comics, and writing contained here or on any of the Eddsworld social media or web portal accounts are also protected and it is illegal to redistribute, sell, or otherwise profit from them anywhere online or offline. We love fan art, but if you are making money from our creations you are breaking the law and we may ask you to stop or even take legal action against you. This includes monetisation on YouTube, sale of art or merch showing our characters on Etsy or other marketplaces, and reposting or impersonating Eddsworld for profit or in connection with a sponsor or affiliate scheme.

Thank you for reading, and stay safe on the internet! – The Eddsworld Team

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