What is Eddsworld?

Hey Eddheads! Welcome to the all-new Eddsworld website. We’ve been offline for a while, but now we have a brand new website! This will be the number one destination for Eddsworld comic strips, news, and other goodies. Bookmark it and check back regularly for new comics! But what is Eddsworld?

Eddsworld is an animated series created by Edd Gould (1988-2012) that follows the misadventures of three buddies: Edd, Matt, and Tom. You can find our videos on YouTube and Newgrounds and our comic strips right here! We also have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where we post Instagram Originals multiple times a week as well as featuring amazing fanart.

You can browse all Eddsworld comics using the comic archive page. Stay up to date with big announcements in news. And learn more about the team that keeps Eddsworld going on our About section. We’ll be adding more pages in future, too.

You can find us on our brand new Patreon page, where you can support the ongoing production of Eddsworld content. We also have an Instagram, Twitter, and of course YouTube channel. Stay cool! – Eddsworld Team

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