Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Apparently it’s Talk Like Shakespeare Day today, and Matt won’t quit with the monologues...
Scrambled Edd (The news feed)

Be part of our 300th comic strip celebration!

Where does the spaghetti go next!? You decide… It’s our 300th comic strip, and to celebrate this huge milestone we’re inviting friends and fans of Eddsworld to join in an ongoing art challenge! Where does the spaghetti noodle go next? Draw your own panel, post it to social, and we’ll select a bunch of our…

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Ellsworld! Ell, Tamara, & Matilda are back!

That’s right! Six years after Mirror Mirror, our new short Slippery Slope stars the Ellsworld girls in their own adventure! Watch Ell, Tamara, and Matilda in their new video on YouTube and Newgrounds. We had a lot of fun working on this short and we’re looking forward to working on more Ellsworld in the future.…

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We Made a Teddy Bear!

That’s right, gang. After years of requests we finally made our FIRST official Eddsworld toy, a Tomee Bear collectable plush. The perfect gift for fans of all ages. This was no easy task. We first decided to make a cuddly toy more than two years ago, but it took time to find the right design…

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