Have a Bad Day Day 2

It’s #HaveABadDayDay! We hope your day.. sucks? Sorry.
Scrambled Edd (The news feed)

We Made a Teddy Bear!

That’s right, gang. After years of requests we finally made our FIRST official Eddsworld toy, a Tomee Bear collectable plush. The perfect gift for fans of all ages. This was no easy task. We first decided to make a cuddly toy more than two years ago, but it took time to find the right design…

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NEW POSTERS! Beaster Bunny and Spares official merch!

Hey Eddheads! We’re very excited to announce some new official merch! The team worked hard to bring these Beaster Bunny and Spares posters to life. A new Eddisode and a classic… You can order both posters right now from the Official Eddsworld Store. We also have a bunch of other designs including The End, MovieMakers,…

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NEW VIDEO! ‘Beaster Bunny’ is out now!

It’s here! After an intense few months of production the brand new Eddisode, Beaster Bunny, was released this weekend! This is the first full Eddisode of Eddsworld Beyond and we hope you enjoy it! You can watch it on YouTube and Newgrounds now. Beaster Bunny follows the aftermath of a mysterious alien meteor crash-landing in…

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