Eddvent Day 23 – Sydney Campbell 2

We're onto the 23rd day of our #Eddvent Calendar with a piece today by the funny & talented @staticbrain_tv who joined our team earlier this year, we love have her on & her funny illustrations!
Scrambled Edd (The news feed)

NEW VIDEO! Surf & Turf Wars pt. 2 OUT NOW!

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time coming but, finally, Surf and Turf Wars Part 2 is out now! Our team has worked so hard on both videos in this epic two-parter and we are so proud of all their amazing talent and dedication in creating something so ambitious. Part two features the brilliant voice…

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NEW VIDEO! Surf & Turf Wars pt. 1 OUT NOW!

Hey Eddheads! We’ve got a new Eddisode out today! We’ve been working a very, very long time on this one. It’s called Surf & Turf Wars pt. 1 and it’s out now! Get your claws into a summer beach adventure, Eddsworld style! This new episode features the amazing voice talent of Stefan Johnson, Robert Benfer,…

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New merch drops! Edd and Tordbot pins!

Hey Eddheads! We’re continuing to release our series of collectable metal pin badges with two new entries this week, Edd and Tord’s Giant Robot! You can get them both here, only from our official online store. We have more pins releasing later this year, so keep an eye out on our Twitter and Instagram for…

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