Sunday, 1st January 2017

Hey Eddheads,

It's Sunday which as some of you may remember, is comic day! We're very pleased to announce that the comic is back and this comic is very special. Whilst looking though Edd's notebooks we found a five comic story that was never published. So please enjoy comic #201 by written Edd Gould, illustrated as faithfully as possible by Matt Hargreaves.

We saw many were hoping that today was going to be the release of a new Eddisode but don't be disheartened as we have some in production. We are not ready to announce release dates but we'll let you know once things are in post production.

We're diligently working on the getting the website back to it's former glory whilst giving it a much need update. Stay tuned for more updates and we'll see you next Sunday.

Happy New Year,


Everyone at Eddsworld

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